Community Footprints Service

 Community Matters


We believe that Community Matters, we are a community group involving volunteer's  and trained individuals in different area's to build and develop the community. We acheive this by focusing on the following:


By creating small steps to encourage individuals back into society by upskilling and learning them a new trade which will motivate and frame their new future. We accredit all of our courses through OCNWM which allows us to tailor the programs to suit each individual.  We work alongside organisations who share our vision and support our aims. Our Staff are constantly evolving to meet  social needs,  community  interest, and the needs of the awarding bodies.

           By developing and delivering low-cost,  practical training and community involvement such as: Training in Hair and Beauty, youth clubs and community,  

           working voluntary with women offenders to educate and train with a vision of employment.

  • General support and free advice, We also offer deliver specialist programmes like Holistic therapy, Meditaion, Stress Relief,  To underpin our committment to the highest standard of community work we developed our future vision.
  • Future Vision

    Our future vision is to expand into other area's to develop community awareness by including:

    Advice and Support, Employment Opportunites, Benefit Advice, Education, Young Mom's Support Group, Swap Shop, Pass it on, Money Management, pensioners Pamper Dayse,I.T. for over 50's,Sexual Health,Job Search,C.V writing,Teenage Awarness classes, Meet and greet sessions,Drug Awareness,Coffee mornings.









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